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Born in 1991 in Toulouse, Benoit Ipas started working in the aeronautical field at the age of 16. In this company he acquired many years of experience and obtained three certifications. 

However, his need for creation pushes him to explore new ways. This is why in 2015 he completed a training as a composite laminator which allows him to shape his favorite materials such as resin and carbon fiber in original forms.

Aside from handcrafting composite, he always strives to push the boundaries of design and acquire new skills such as woodworking, painting and metalworking 

Contemporary artist today, it is as a designer that he begins with the manufacture of luxury furniture. His emotions and desires quickly replaced plans and specifications. This new way of working together with a strong need for freedom represents a real transition towards the artistic world.

As time goes by, his sculpting technique is refined, he experiments and invents new manufacturing processes. The care given to the finish becomes an obsession, a characteristic of his work. 

His artistic research remains the same, to realize atypical works with his sculptures with controlled curves. 

His trademark: limited edition sculptures combining luxury and carbon fiber

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